Custom organic wine tasting on the French Riviera

We can arrange custom tasting for you. Whether for a birthday, anniversary, hen

party, stag party, or just because, we have you covered!

Bring us your ideas or copy ours:

  • All things that go pop: Discover the world of sparkling wine
  • Deluxe wine tasting: With food pairings
  • New world wines vs Old world wines
  • Wines of Provence
  • Everything Organic

In-home Wine Tasting Parties on the French Riviera

We can help you with your in-home party today on the French Riviera! We can set up the wine tasting party you and your friends have always dreamed of, and without you even having to lift a finger. We can take care of all your party needs. From a wine tasting alone to a party filled with catered food, we bring the expertise, the supplies and the clean-up crew. Contact us today!

Restaurant Consulting

Our wine experts can help you organize, revamp your restaurant wine program on the French Riviera. Contact us today!

Wedding wine services on the French Riviera

Organising the wine is an important part to get right on the big day, and most people don't have much experience buying wine in large quantities. We're here on the French Riviera to help make your wedding buying experience simple and rewarding. Contact us today!

Wine Tours

Some of the region's most celebrated wines are just a bike ride away from the city centre! Let us organise a visit through the vines and have some one on one with our local producers. Looking to venture even farther? We can organise an action packed day with transportation and a guide to visit multiple wineries. Contact us today!