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A Taste of Nice is a young company (established in 2012). Being a small company entirely run by friends, you can be sure of a personal and friendly approach!

About Us: Allison Priestley

I began my career with wine working in various restaurants and drinking establishments; from the cozy restaurants and bars of Canada, to the bustling pubs and fine dining establishments in Ireland, to working as a stewardess on super yachts along the French Riviera. Being surrounded by food and wine in a wide range of environments has been a life changing and passion building experience. 

I made my transition into the sector of tourism in 2017 allowing me to share my love for Nice by running wine tastings and food and wine tours, which has been a dream. Working and living in Nice has deepened my love for the sense of community, the markets, family businesses all tying together to make up Nice’s rich history. 

The more I learn, the deeper my passion grows. It’s one thing to know what you’re tasting, it’s another kind of fulfilment to know why. And thats what I want to share with you! 

There is an appreciation that is enforced with understanding. I love knowing my clients have walked away with a better understanding of wine, a deeper appreciation for the Niçoise cuisine both traditional and modern, and most importantly take a memory with them to last a life time.

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