Finding Us

Wine Tasting in Nice: Meeting Point

We meet at the Liberation tram stop:

How to use the tram

Using the tram is easy:

What to do if I'm running late?

Coming by taxi

Taxis can't stop at the meeting point, so ask to be dropped off directly at the wine depot on 3 Avenue Villermont. You need to enter a courtyard by way of an archway. The entrance is diagonally across the courtyard to the right.

Complete contact details


Nice Cycle Tours, Food Tours of Nice & Wine Tasting in Nice

Limited liability company registered in France, reg nr 790 298 145.

9 rue Colonna d'Istria

06 300 Nice


Telephone: +33 - 9 86 65 75 17

Wine Depot address: Vin de Terre, 3 Avenue Villermont (inner courtyard), Nice

Wine guide Telephone: +33 - 6 77 41 98 61 (for last-minute problems only)